About Us

Company profile

G&T IMPORT AND EXPORT Co., Ltd. was established in 2011 and is located in Yiwu, China, a world-famous international small commodity city. The company is composed of the Ministry of Foreign Trade, Documentary Department and Warehousing Department. It is mainly engaged in all import and export-related business, providing Spanish and English translation, as well as all foreign trade processes for foreign purchases, inspections, and shipments in China. Accompany customers throughout the whole process of purchasing in all regions of China, collect and store shipments, check the style and quality, ensure the quality of customers' purchases, and support the growth of customers to achieve mutual growth.

Main business

Office supplies, accessories, toys, department stores, holiday supplies, creative gifts, electronic products, machines, etc ...

Enterprise culture

The company adheres to the principle of "integrity-based, reputation first" and good service attitude, and has established a good reputation and reputation among foreign businessmen and suppliers. After 10 years of development, from the initial one customer to the present, customers are located in Peru, Bolivia, Mexico, Argentina, Colombia and many other South American countries.


We warmly welcome you from all over the world to join us and let us grow together!

The company has a professional technology development team with rich professional knowledge and rich R&D experience in the fields of network and communication technology, large-scale database applications, and a professional service team with good quality to provide high-quality and efficient government and enterprise customers. Service team.
The company focuses on strengthening the introduction of personnel and the training and cooperation of existing personnel. According to the company's development plan, the company continues to attract and increase technical personnel to the company, so that the proportion of the company's technical personnel continues to increase, eventually reaching more than 50%. At the same time, it strengthens the training of existing personnel. According to the company’s needs and personal development, the company gives employees training opportunities. One is to continuously improve technical capabilities through learning and working within the company, and at the same time to conduct external training for qualified employees. To improve their technological development capabilities. Support is even provided in academic education. At the same time, it provides a good alternative in terms of salary, housing and welfare, and welcomes talents to join the company.
After ten years of accumulation and ten years of development, the company has hundreds of thousands of customers. While developing its core business, the company accelerates its transformation, accelerates its diversified development, and actively builds a high-tech e-commerce platform that meets the characteristics of the modern service industry
We specialized in Product Sourcing,Information Gathering &Market Guiding, Offering Sample,Accompanying Order,Order Following up,Quality Control,Payment Secure,Warehousing,Shipping and relevant export documents making etc. We have professional staff to meet our customers’ needs,and we direct connect factories to make your profit maximization.